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A KING IN PARADISE is a project that explores the untold journey of Dr. King’s five days in Hawaii during September 1959.

He was the first private citizen to speak before the First Hawaiian Legislature (3-weeks after Hawaiian Statehood). This honor cements Dr. King as a pioneering figure in the state of Hawaii.  THE FILM seeks to re-trace Dr. King’s 5-day journey by traveling to the places and speaking with the people who were present during the visit.

While the filmmakers will interview dozens of people it is important to note that they want the film to be viewed from the perspective of three generations:  Those alive during Dr. King’s 1959 visit to Hawaii, the generation that followed and subsequent generations.  This will allow the film to address the issues of the past 50 years while also remaining current.

We raise up this story to connect this generation to those who fought against systemic racism during the Civil Rights Movement. Our project features one of the best who’s ever done it on a trip that very few knew about. The story is powerful because of its setting, the themes that Dr. King explores on his trip and his tactics that are aimed squarely at achieving sustainable, transformative change.
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A KING IN PARADISE seeks a greater connection with its audience that extends the film from the screen to the streets. We want to launch a number of initiatives designed to bring the history to the people, and multiply the impact of Dr. King’s journey.  We are offering several Sponsorship Levels designed to support us to develop these "impact" initiatives.

All we need is a few believers to help us shine…

“History is like a wave, with moments of progress and regression,” says Cleveland. “History is not linear, history is over time gaining a little bit of ground until we reach a place where we move past the oppressive nature of systemic racism, piece by piece, bit by bit.”






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